On Dacia:
Our wedding day was in the midst of an insane heatwave, and the most desirable floor for photos was not air-conditioned. We were on tight timelines. This easily could have created a frantic, stressful atmosphere, but thanks to Dacia, we were all able to make the best of it and totally enjoy ourselves. In the 8+ hours she spent with us, Dacia exhibited constant cheer, calming presence, and professional demeanor. Her organization and conviviality kept us grounded, laid-back, and most importantly, ourselves. Simply put, she was an absolute delight to work with. I don't think anyone else could've kept my husband and I as relaxed and high-spirited as Dacia did. Heat aside, the day was absolutely magical, and I credit Dacia for playing the largest part in creating our euphoric, enchanted mood.

On Dacia's photos:
Dacia is the definition of a true artist. Our photos are stunning. In addition to capturing every detail of the wedding, she captured every poignant moment too. The vibe that emanates from the photos so perfectly reflects the mood of our wedding that just by looking at the shots, you feel as if you are there. For the portraits, her shots, angles and lighting made us feel like we were in a Vogue photoshoot! But the expressions and glances she captured of me and my husband are purely us. This mixture of true artistic talent with an innate ability to bring out the true essence of her subjects are what makes Dacia so unique and special. We can't sing her praises enough.

-- Rachel + Adam



Dacia was incredible in every way. From our first meeting during our engagement photos, Dacia made us feel very comfortable and relaxed, which allowed her to capture genuine and tender moments. She is a true talent and her dedication to her work is obvious. She has a great eye and finds the most amazing beauty in every day things. She is also able to wrangle a big wedding party and has no fear taking charge when needed. She is a delight to work with as she has the most easy going personality and she really captured the most beautiful shots for our engagement photos and wedding day. We are obsessed with them and cant stop looking at them. We would recommend Dacia to anyone looking for awe-inspiring photos that truly reflect the couple.

-- Tracy + Shawn



It was amazing how comfortable Dacia made my husband and I feel during both our engagement shoot and on our wedding day. She's such a cool and genuine person and choosing her to document our special day was one fo the best decisions we made during our whole wedding adventure. She has such a great eye and we love how natural and classy her photos are. Dacia took the time to get to know us and it came through in the photos. The photos reflected the personality of us and we loved that. Dacia is knowledgeable, creative, and kind... we always felt like we were in the right hands. We are so in love with our photos and my heart grows bigger every time my husband and I look at them. We couldn't be happier! You and your work are beautiful, Dacia. Thank you for everything!

-- Amy + Brian



Dacia is by far the most talented wedding photographer we considered and we couldn't be more happy with her work - our photos are perfect and exactly what we were looking for. She's able to capture the love and genuine emotion of the dynamics around her and you can tell she's the most interested in documenting human connection and interaction over anything else. Her shots are artistic and unique, but remain simple, elegant, and timeless. Her process itself is operationally flawless - she met with us in advance to really understand what we were looking for, and she was meticulously organized the day of, which meant we got through a ton of shots extremely quickly (and so we had more time to enjoy the day!). We couldn't recommend her more. Thank you Dacia!

-- Elisa + Mike 



Dacia did a fantastic job capturing our elopement in NY. She is highly professional, pays attention to detail and made us feel comfortable during the photo shoot. She was very organized and perfectly planned out a beautiful photo route for us through lower manhattan. She also nicely managed the crowds for family & friends photo shoots, which was not an easy task. What we wanted for our wedding was professionally shot photographs that reflected our personalities and that were not overly cheesy. Dacia has a very cool style and eye for beautiful locations. We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos. Thank you so much Dacia! 

-- Danya + Cornelius 


Our photos are gorgeous, and Dacia's presence at our very small ceremony was very warm and comfortingly professional - we knew we could trust her completely. We could not have asked for more. Because we were planning a tiny wedding, we had been unsure about whether we wanted a photographer just in terms of preserving the intimacy we were hoping for. But we were both do happy about the decision to hire Dacia. I can't really imagine any other photographer fitting so seamlessly into our day and our close-knit group of beloved people (whom she also easily wrangled for group shots - no small task with our family! She even made a couple of last-minute suggestions which our ceremonialist incorporated, resulting in some of our favorite photos (and memories) from the day. When we got to see the photos from the wedding, we could not stop smiling - she captured so many moments that we want to hold onto forever. Since getting married, we have both said that we wish we could relive the ceremony again, and by seeing Dacia's photos, we almost can - from our niece's hand placing flowers on the grass, to ourselves leaning forward to hear my husband's mom's voice in the wind, to the chimes our ceremonialist held over her pregnant belly, to the sparkle of the lake and bareness of the trees, to the shots from behind of our whole group huddled close together. My husband, who works in photo and video, kept saying as we looked through our photos how much care had clearly been taken to make each of the shots beautiful. I highly, highly recommend Dacia, both for her wonderful photos and the way she works. You couldn't be in better hands.

-- Carmelle + Robert 




Words cannot even begin to describe the gratitude we have for Dacia. Not only did she take more timeless and breathtaking photos than we could have asked for, she did so with such graciousness, good humor and thoughtfulness. She has given us the ability to relive that say as if it were yesterday whenever we'd like. Going with Dacia was one of the very best decisions we made during the whole planning process. You should really stop searching now. 

-- Sara + Todd